PM 06-07-02: When to Approve Benefits

WAG 06-07-02

Approve AABD cash in zero grant status for a client who:

  • receives Social Security Widow/Widower benefits,
  • lost SSI benefits because of the Social Security Widow/Widower benefits,
  • is not entitled to Medicare Part A benefits, and
  • meets all AABD asset and nonfinancial eligibility requirements.

A widow/widower who meets these criteria remains eligible in zero grant status until:

  • they become entitled to Medicare Part A, or
  • they become ineligible for reasons other than receiving Social Security benefits, or
  • SSA stops the Social Security Widow/Widowers benefits, or
  • they enter a long term care facility.

When eligibility for zero grant status ends, compare income to the appropriate MANG standard.