The Illinois Interagency Task Force on Homelessness


The Task Force shall meet at least four times a year.

Board/Commission/Task Force Requirements

  • Training Requirements
    • Please visit the link above to view the training requirements for this Board/Commission/Committee/Task Force.


Task Force membership shall consist of senior members of State agencies to be appointed by the Governor, in consultation with the Chief, that have relevancy to ending and preventing homelessness.

Member Organization Member Since
Dr. Tony Sanders Illinois State Board of Education 2/7/2022
Paula Basta Illinois Department of Aging 2/7/2022
Brian Durham Illinois Community College Board 2/7/2022
Elizabeth M. Whitehorn Illinois Healthcare and Family Services 2/7/2022
Sameer Vohra Illinois Department of Public Health 1/9/2023
Kristin Faust Illinois Housing Development Authority 2/7/2022
Kristin Richards Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity 2/7/2022
Christine Haley Illinois State Homelessness Chief 2/7/2022
Dulce Quintero Illinois Department of Human Services 2/7/2022
Latonya Hughes Illinois Department of Corrections 2/7/2022
Brendan Kelly Illinois State Police 2/7/2022
Robert Vickery Interim Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice 2/7/2022
Ginger Ostro Illinois Board of Higher Education 2/7/2022
Terry Prince Illinois Department of Veterans Affairs 2/7/2022
Raymond Marchiori Illinois Department of Employment Security 2/7/2022
Heidi E. Mueller Illinois Department of Children and Family Services 2/7/2022
Marc Staley Governor's Office of Management and Budget
Senator Adriane Johnson Senator 30th District
Representative Lilian Jimenez Representative 4th District