Montgomery Family Community Resource Center Relocation

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  • On November 30, 2021 the Montgomery Family Community Resource Center (FCRC) relocated.
  • The Montgomery FCRC started seeing customers at the new location on November 30, 2021.
  • A copy of the client notice announcing the relocation can be seen here: CN 20.41/CN20.41S.

On November 30, 2021 the Montgomery FCRC relocated to a new location. The new location is:


400 Rountree Street

Hillsboro, Illinois 62049-1509

Phone Numbers

Main: (217) 532-3957

TTY:  (888) 642-3417

Fax:  (217) 532-5895

Customers serviced by the Montgomery FCRC were notified of the relocation by Client Notice CN 20.41/CN 20.41S.

[signed copy on file]

Gracie B. Hou

Secretary, Illinois Department of Human Services