2487 - Questions & Answers - NSPL Call Center (400)

  1. Q:  Can you please provide clarification on if Attachments will be accepted as part of this opportunity (items such as an Org. Chart, Financial evidence of ability to provide service, lease agreement for required facility, etc as statements in the opportunity seem to be conflicting?

    A:  The Program Narrative is not considered an attachment but part of the application. The Program Narrative is scored in the Merit Based Review for the first 10 pages. If the Program Narrative exceeds 10 pages, it will not be reviewed or scored.  Any other attachments you wish to send or that are required must be attached in separate documents. These are not scored.

  2. Q:  The NOFO Summary reads... "The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (Lifeline) determined that 24.4% of the 91,918 calls received in 2020, were originated from phone numbers associated with Illinois area codes and roughly 24% of those calls were answered by Illinois LCC".  Does the 91,918 represent the total calls received by the national Lifeline or is that the number of calls from Illinois area codes only?

    A:  The number provided is the number of calls that Vibrant attributes to Illinois callers based on their protocols.

  3. Q:  In the NOFO, I had interpreted there may be the possibility of more than one call center opportunity on the following: * Performance Measure #4 Number of designated primary coverage area is identified by county and/or zip code and is agreed upon with the Lifeline and reported to DMH. * Performance Standard #3 100% coverage area identified by county and/or zip code is agreed upon with the Lifeline and reported to DMH * E. Application Review Information - Section Community Identification - With this area, is this indicating Illinois or areas that we propose to cover for the call center?

    A:  The indicators have to be written in that way in order for the system into which they are reported to calculate percentages. This NOFO is for an entity that will cover all areas of Illinois currently needing coverage.

  4. Q:  We understand the budget is required to be submitted via the CSA Tracking System. As we are awaiting final registration in the system, can the State provide the Budget Template and Instructions referenced under Section D. Application and Submission Information, Budget Requirements within the NOFO?

    A:  Yes, the budget template can be found on the GATA website under "B, Budget", "Uniform Budget Template for FY20"

  5. Q:  What areas are needing coverage under this NOFO? 

    A:  Coverage needs are determined by Vibrant, operator of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, and should be obtained through direct consultation with that entity. 

  6. Q:  Under "Scope of Services" it states "...The CC will be expected to answer calls from phone numbers identified as registered to Illinois residents, providing primary coverage for geographic areas not covered by the six existing CCs..." .  Would we contact Vibrant directly? If so, can we have that contact information?

    A:  Information we have received from Vibrant is available on our 988 planning page.

  7. Q:  Currently, Vibrant handles all call distributions to contracted call centers for their NSPL 1-800 toll-free number. As each State is developing their own 988 Call Center, and with this NOFO, will the Illinois telecom switches for 988 to the appropriate CC become the State, Vibrant, or designated Call Centers responsibility?

    A: Vibrant will continue to be the operator of the NSPL. All Lifeline Call Centers will be required to work with Vibrant on the 988 conversion to ensure their interoperability.

  8. Q:  The NOFO Summary references the Estimated Total Program Funding of $9,200,000. Please clarify what the $9,200,000 covers. Is this for the January 1, 2022-June 30, 2022 six-month period only or for the six-month period, plus the two one-year renewal options?

    A:  The $9.2M in the NOFO is for FY22 which will include operations, start up, and training. The funding plan is current $9.2M annually for operations going forward.

  9. Q:  Please confirm that the awarded grantee will begin answering calls starting July 1, 2022 and that the six-month timeframe from January 1, 2022-June 30, 2022 will be dedicated to implementation and ramp-up of services.

    A:  The grantee will be required to negotiate a contract with the Lifeline, pursue accreditation, set up their center consistent with the Vibrant requirements, hire staff, and begin taking calls no later than 7/1/22. Because there is a need to increase answer rates in Illinois in advance of the 7/1/22 deadline, capacity to meet an earlier deadline will be preferred.

  10. Q:  Is the $9.2 million award range including or excluding of the indirect cost rate?

    A:  The indirect cost rate is included in the $9.2 million. 

  11. Q:  As this NOFO is for Call Center services and as such requires numerous staff to be hired, is there a way to enter one position but for multiple openings in the GATA Personnel portion of the budget without needing to line item the same position and information multiple times?

    A:  If that one position is exactly the same position, with exactly the same salary for each employee listed under that title, with the same percentage of time dedicated to the grant, then the provider could put in parentheses the number of employees with that title in the job description on the budget line item. The Provider would still need a detailed budget narrative, describing the methodology used in the budget line, tying the job title to the scope and services of the grant, and listing by name any employees that are already on the payroll.