WAG 06-06-01: Disabled Adult Children (AABD)

PM 06-06-01

  1. Decide eligibility using assets and nonfinancial requirements.

    When deciding initial or ongoing eligibility for someone who has lost SSI benefits: 

  2. Access the SOLQ Inquiry system (see WAG 22-14-03-c) to find the Medicaid Eligibility Code field. Code D in the Medicaid Eligibility Code is proof that the person is a disabled adult child who is entitled to medical as an AABD zero benefit case.
  3. Contact SSA to find out if the client lost SSI benefits because of receiving more in Social Security benefits than the SSI level if:
    • code D is not present, and
    • the client is 18 years or older, and
    • the Social Security claim suffix starts with C.
  4. Approve a zero benefit case using zero benefit reason 7, Disabled Adult Children, in Box 34 of Form 552.

NOTE: Do not approve medical as a Category 93 case.