6. Disability Determination Services

The evaluation of claims for the federal disability program is administered through the Illinois Bureau of Disability Determination Services (BDDS), which determines the eligibility of Illinois citizens to receive benefits under the Social Security Administration's (SSA) disability programs. The BDDS' budget is 100% federally funded by the SSA.  Employees at BDDS understand these benefits are crucial for citizens looking to build a secure foundation for their lives. 

The mission of the DDS is to make accurate, timely decisions based on objective medical documentation, and if appropriate, consideration of vocational history, including age, education and previous work experience. Each claim received by the BDDS is subject to strict SSA requirements for quality control, accuracy measures, confidentiality and processing time parameters. The final decision on disability is made on the basis of objective evidence by a highly-trained adjudicator in collaboration with a professional medical consultant.

  • 100,672 claims were cleared by IL BDDS staff, with a 94.8% accuracy rate.  Average claims processing time is 100.75 days.
    • 56,521 Initial Claims. Of those claims, 41% were determined to meet the federal medical eligibility criteria for disability or blindness.
    • 16,560 Reconsideration Cases
    • 19,111 Continuing Disability Review Cases
    • 8,480 Pre-Hearing, Hearing, and Specialty Cases
  • The IL BDDS is one of 6 states that comprise the Chicago Region and collectively completed over 515,000 total claims in FFY 21 and with this outstanding productivity is the 2nd highest in the Nation.

IL DDS is prepared to continue to meet the goals set by SSA with an anticipated focus on increasing the number of Continuing Disability Reviews completed in IL, as well as assisting with these reviews from other states if needed.