WAG 06-03-01-a: Eligible Persons

PM 06-03-01-a

  1. When the family does not have an active TANF case, determine eligibility for TANF. If the family meets both TANF and Crisis Assistance eligibility requirements, approve TANF without a 30-day wait and immediately issue the Crisis Assistance payment. For time limits on processing a request for Crisis Assistance, see PM 06-03-01-c.  

    If some family members do not qualify for TANF, authorize benefits for the needs of the TANF clients only. However, for need items not defined by the size of the benefit unit (i.e., rent and kitchen table), authorize the full amount.

    Deny Crisis Assistance for persons not receiving or approved for TANF. 

  2. When a woman and/or her spouse with no other eligible child applies for TANF and Crisis Assistance based on pregnancy, obtain a written statement from a medical provider as proof of the pregnancy. If the woman has no medical provider, use Verification of Pregnancy (Form 2301) and arrange for her to receive a pregnancy test (see WAG 04-01-07-b).