PM 06-02-04: Repayment of Benefits to U.S. Government

WAG 06-02-04

HFS must inform persons requesting Repatriate benefits that they are expected to repay the benefits when financially able. The Department:

  • determines the client's ability to repay;
  • develops a repayment plan, when possible; and
  • recommends the repayment plan to HHS.

Review a repatriate's claim against any person, trust or estate, partnership, corporation, or foreign government. The repatriate can assign any claims to the United States to repay benefits. But, the client must assign any claims to the U.S. if they have no other resources available in excess of those needed for maintenance.

The repayment plan can be redone at any time before repayment of the amount owed.

NOTE: Do not request repayment from a repatriate who is identified as mentally ill.