Adjustment to the SNAP Interview Requirement Waived When Verifications are Available Using Electronic Sources

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Policy Memo

  • Due to a recent policy clarification from FNS, this policy memorandum allows the FCRCs to waive the SNAP interview when an initial or REDE application is submitted without verifications but identity and all other mandatory verifications can be obtained by using an electronic source, such as The Work Number (TWN). 
  • The FCRC must conduct an interview when an application is submitted without verifications and needed information cannot be verified via an electronic source.
  • If the FCRC confirmed identity and the mandatory verifications, but clarification on an electronic verification is needed, contact the customer to clarify. The application may be processed without an interview if the customer provides clarification to the questionable information. 

Case Comments

Case Comments must be documented with information to support eligibility, ineligibility, and benefit level determinations. Documentation should be sufficient in detail to permit a reviewer to determine the reasonableness and accuracy of the determination.

Example 1: Ms. B filed an initial request for SNAP benefits on 8/13/2021 via the Application for Benefits Eligibility (ABE) system. She provides a copy of her driver's license that is used as proof of her identity. Ms. B listed earnings from ABC Daycare as her only income. She did not provide pay verifications with her application. In Case Comments, the worker documents an unsuccessful attempt to verify the income using TWN. Since Ms. B did not provide the mandatory verification of income and the worker was unable to verify the income using TWN, an interview must be held. 

Example 2: Mr. T filed an initial request for SNAP benefits on 7/22/2021. On the ABE application he requested benefits for himself, his spouse and daughter. He reported employment with Jake's Auto Parts as the household's only income. In Case Comments, the worker documents that Mr. T's identity is verified via a copy of his driver's license. The worker also notes that the income from Jake's Auto Parts is verified using TWN.  However, two additional employers are showing in the TWN clearance for Ms. T that were not listed on the application. Since the SNAP application did not indicate that Ms. T is employed and TWN is showing earnings, the worker notes that Ms. T's employment status is unclear. An interview must be held to find out more about the unclear information. 

Example 3: Ms. J submits a SNAP REDE on 09/14/2021 and did not provide verification of identity or income. She reports income from Social Security. In Case Comments, the worker documents that the State Online Query (SOLQ) is being used to verify identity and the Social Security benefit amount. No other verifications are needed. Ms. J is not required to have an interview.

Example 4: Ms. Z submits a SNAP REDE on 10/01/2021. On the REDE, Ms. Z indicates that she is working. She is paid weekly and provides paystubs for 09/03/2021, 09/10/2021 and 09/17/2021. She also answers Yes to the question that asks if anyone has stopped working but does not provide any other details. The worker documents in Case Comments that Ms. Z's employment status is unclear. The worker contacts Ms. Z via phone to clarify when she last worked and her last pay.  Verification of ending employment and last pay received is not required.  Ms. Z explains during the call that she last worked on 09/08/2021. She received her last paycheck on 09/18/2021. Ms. Z has clarified the unclear information and is not required to have an interview. The worker documents the phone call to Ms. Z and the explanation she provided regarding her employment status.

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Grace B. Hou

Secretary, Illinois Department of Human Services

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