September 2, 2021 DDD Communication

Good Afternoon,


  • Per IDPH, the preliminary seven-day statewide COVID-19 positivity for cases as a percent of total test from August 20-26, 2021 is 5.2%. The preliminary seven-day statewide test positivity from August 20-26, 2021 is 5.7%. However, regional 7-day test positivity averages range from 4.2% to 10.8%.
  • Remember to register for Supporting Sex Education: What Providers Need to Know webinar being held on September 9th at 1pm. THIS IS A NEW REQUIREMENT FOR PROVIDERS. We believe it is in every provider's best interest to attend to understand new expectations and BQM review requirements.
  • Attached is the DDD Fall Community Provider Training series in case you missed it! They'll be posted on the DDD Training webpage soon.


September 12 - 18th is National Direct Support Professional (DSP) Recognition Week! I want to highlight Governor Pritzker's DSP Recognition Week proclamation (attached)! We're so pleased with the Governor's acknowledgement and support of the vital work of our DSPs across the state! Please share widely!

I've received a number of requests for visits during DSP week. I'm working to schedule them and am happy that I'll be able to thank some of our DSPs in person or virtually!


The Division is in the process of developing the renewals for all 3 of our Home and Community Based Services Waivers which is a Federal CMS requirement that occurs every 5 years. This is outside of any potential waiver amendments (like we just submitted). The purpose is to ensure that our waivers reflect current and best practices. We would like your feedback!

The Division will be hosting a webinar on September 30th at 1pm. We will be giving an overview of what a Home and Community Based Waiver is, explain the timeline and process for a renewal, and identify changes being made to the waiver.

Additional details:

  • The Children's Support Waiver and Children's Residential Waiver are set to renew on 7/1/22. The Adult Waiver isn't set to renew until 12/11/22 but we're working to get it back on the same renewal cycle as the children's waivers to renew on 7/1/22.
  • Prior to the feedback session, we will send out a list of topics identifying changes being made so participants can provide their feedback. If you have additional feedback outside of these topics, we will provide another avenue to provide your feedback
  • Because of the timeline for renewing the waivers, we won't be discussing changes which require funding increases that are dependent on IL General Assembly Appropriation. These changes will be addressed through waiver amendments.

Waiver Renewal Feedback Session

September 30, 2021 at 1pm

Registration for Waiver Renewal Feedback Session 


The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) requests that, pursuant to Rule 50, when reporting allegations of abuse or neglect to OIG, reporters should provide

  1. information about the victim (including name and date of birth, sex, disability, identification number and/or social security (if known);
  2. information about the incident, including what happened, when it happened, where it happened, how it happened and the identification of all witness;
  3. information about the accused employee (if known), including name, contact information and if the accused employee/facility/agency is presently working with or will be working with the victim; and
  4. information about the person initiating the complaint, including name, contact information, relationship to the victim and the need for anonymity (if applicable).

Providing all the know information during the initial report can help eliminate the need for follow-up calls from OIG and speed up the processing of allegations.


Over the last 2 months, some providers have experienced delays or rejections in their billings within the ROCS system. The reason for these delays and rejections is not a ROCS issue, but is actually an issue with the IDHS database that interfaces with ROCS which was changed as of July 1, 2021. There have been some issues with implementation that IDHS and DoIT have been working on and, at this time, the issues have been resolved. If you are one of those providers who has had billings rejected, we ask that you attempt to resubmit those bills within ROCS as soon as you are able. If you continue to have issues, please reach out to Sarah Myerscough-Mueller.


DD service providers are required to enroll in the IMPACT Medicaid Provider Enrollment system as required by state, federal and program rules and regulations. The Division provides instructions about the enrollment process for agencies and individual providers on the IDHS website. This information can be viewed on the Becoming A New DD Provider or Established Provider Adding Services webpages. This is a good resource for new providers, established providers adding a service or persons that assist vendors or individual provider enroll in IMPACT. Here is a list of provider types that are required to enroll in IMPACT.

PLEASE NOTE: an IMPACT application must be submitted, and approved, for the service provider to be eligible to provide DD waiver services. Retroactive enrollment is prohibited. The Division is unable to request that a provider's Medicaid eligibility date be changed to correct late submissions of IMPACT applications or if an IMPACT application is completed incorrectly.

Enrolled providers are required to submit IMPACT modification requests to update changes such as a new legal name, address, phone number, email address, executive director, ownership information and updated license or certificate information.

Providers may receive notifications from the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services, the Division of Developmental Disabilities and the IMPACT system that require providers to take action to maintain active enrollment as a Medicaid provider. Providers should follow any instructions provided in any IMPACT related notifications.

Providers can check their enrollment status by logging into their IMPACT account or contact the IMPACT Helpdesk for assistance.

IMPACT Help Desk:

Phone: (877) 782-5565


Thank you for all you do!


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  • Director, Division of Developmental Disabilities
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