PM 06-01-00: Refugee Resettlement Program (Cash)

WAG 06-01-00

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The Refugee Resettlement Program (RRP) provides cash benefits for eligible needy refugees and special immigrants for a time period set by the federal government based on available federal funding.

The current refugee eligibility period is for 8 months after the date of entry into the United States (U.S.). For asylees, it is 8 months from the date asylum is granted.

For Iraqi and Afghan Special Immigrants the eligibility period is 8 months from the date of entry as a special immigrant, or 8 months from the date their status was adjusted to special immigrant after arrival in the U.S.

RRP benefits are issued under Category 00 (cash). RRP Cash assistance begins with the date of application. Refugees and special immigrants who qualify for regular AABD Cash or TANF are ineligible for RRP. 

new textMedical benefits are provided to this population under the medical programs listed at PM I-03-00.