Module 2 - Myth Activity

What's Right about Sex Ed? Module 2 - Sexual Rights

Matching Activity Handout (Adapted from Illinois Imagines Toolkit, 2010)

Directions: Draw a line connecting each Myth with the corresponding Fact


  • People with IDD are innocent and should stay that way; they don't need to know about sex.
  • If a person with IDD experiences sexual violence, they must have done something to cause it to happen.
  • Because some people with IDD have a legal guardian, they can't give consent for anything.
  • If a person with IDD claims to be sexually abused, they are making it up or seeking attention.
  • A person with IDD is like a child in an adult's body.
  • If a person with IDD is given information about sex, they will imitate it without understanding it.


  • Sexual violence is NEVER the survivor's fault.
  • I still have the right to speak for myself. Check the laws on it!
  • I have a right and a need to know about healthy sexuality and about sexual abuse/assault.
  • I am an adult in all respects, including sexual desires and feelings.
  • I can learn how to be safe and how to make good decisions.
  • If I get up the nerve to tell you I've been hurt sexually, you need to believe me.