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Commitment to Evidence-Based and Evidence-Informed Practices in Illinois

Evidence-based practices are interventions for which there is consistent scientific evidence showing that, when implemented with fidelity to the model, individual outcomes improve. Evidence-informed practices refer to those practices determined by children, their families, and practitioners to be appropriate to the needs of the child and family, reflective of available research, and measurable with respect to meaningful outcomes.

Illinois has devoted resources to support the implementation and use of evidence-based practices for adults with mental illnesses in such areas as outreach, engagement, and treatment (Assertive Community Treatment), housing (Permanent Supportive Housing), employment (Individual Placement and Support), and recovery (Wellness Recovery Action Planning); as well as FIRST.IL for onset of early serious mental illnesses in adolescents and young adults (Coordinated Specialty Care). Dollars also have been allocated to support the implementation and measurement of evidence-informed practices with child-serving agencies.

Illinois Evidence-Based Practices Virtual Conference Series

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