Member Training Requirements

Appointed members of a public Board, Commission or Task Force (collectively, board) are generally required to participate in six trainings.

  1. The Open Meetings Act (OMA)
  2. Ethics Training for State Employees and Appointees
  3. Harassment and Discrimination Prevention Training
  4. Security Awareness Training
  5. HIPAA and Privacy Training (Only Quality Care Board & Mortality Review Board members are required to attend this training, but all appointees are encouraged to attend)
  6. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Training

OMA is taken only once upon being appointed (for everyone except one member who must take it annually) and is required by the Open Meetings Act (OMA). The Ethics Training, Harassment and Discrimination Prevention Training, Security Awareness Training, HIPAA and Privacy Training, and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Training are taken annually and are required by the State Officials and Employees Ethics Act and Data Security on State Computers Act. All trainings are online.

Open Meetings Act Training

The OMA training is offered by the Office of the Attorney General and is available at Members who are attending OMA training for the first time should follow the instructions on How to Register on the FOIA/PAC Portal Site. Please print or save a copy of the OMA training completion form and return it to your Board's Administrative Contact.

All members must take the training once, except that one of the members must take it annually. It is suggested that the chairperson of the board be the member designated to take the training annually. As an aside, members are not required to take the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) training, but may do so voluntarily if desired, because FOIA does apply to the work of the Board.

Ethics, Harassment and Discrimination Prevention, Security Awareness, HIPAA and Privacy, and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Training

The State of Illinois Ethics Act requires Ethics Training and Harassment and Discrimination Prevention Training. These trainings must be completed within 30 days of appointment, and once annually thereafter. The first time you take the training, usernames and passwords must be obtained from your Board's Administrative Contact; you will use the same username and password each time you are required to complete a training. Then, log in and take the trainings. After the trainings are completed, you do not need to send your certificate of completion as it is automatically recorded in the system.

To take the two Ethics Act Trainings (Ethics Training and Harassment and Discrimination Prevention Training), Data Security on State Computers Act (Security Awareness Training), HIPAA and Privacy Training, and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Training please follow these instructions step-by-step:

If you have never logged in to OneNet for training before, do the following to set your password:

  1. Go to
  2. Click Account Recovery Options
  3. Select Domain: Employees with Accounts
  4. Enter your Username, most likely your firstname.lastname (e.g., john.doe) (if doesn't work, ask your Administrative Contact).
  5. Enter your Password, or, if you do not know it, try DHSPassword1 (if doesn't work, ask your training coordinator)
  6. Click Log On and follow the instructions to set your account recovery options
  7. After setting your recovery options, click Reset your Password or Unlock your Account.
  8. Select Domain: Employees with Accounts
  9. Enter your Username and the numbers in the security image
  10. Click Continue and follow the instructions to reset your password.

If you have previously completed OneNet trainings, or after you do the above, do the following to take the trainings:

  1. Go to
  2. At the Login screen, enter your Username (firstname.lastname) and Password.
  3. Click Login.
  4. Under Current Registrations, look for "Ethics Training Program for State Employees and Appointees 2022", "Sexual Harassment Prevention Training 2022" and "Security Awareness Training 2022".
  5. Click Start Training to begin each training
  6. Complete the training, and make sure to click the "I certify..." button at the end.
  7. When you see the screen that says, "Training Completed," you are done! The system will automatically record your completion, however, if you wish to have a copy of the certificate for your own records, you may print it out.
  8. Repeat these steps to complete both trainings.

If you have login issues, contact your Board's Administrative Contact, or call the Help Desk at 217-524-3648.