PM 05-06-02: Qualifying Member Benefits

WAG 05-06-02

revised textA SNAP unit that includes a qualifying member is eligible for the following special benefits when figuring their eligibility and benefit amount:

  • The unit is allowed an income deduction for a qualifying member's medical expenses that are greater than $35. See PM 13-01-05-a for allowable medical expenses.
  • The unit is allowed unlimited deductions for excess shelter expenses. All other units have a maximum limit on excess shelter deductions. See PM 13-01-08 for excess shelter expenses.
  • revised text Categorically eligible qualifying member units with gross monthly income at 200% FPL or below are eligible for SNAP benefits if they qualify for a benefit amount.  A net income test and an asset test is not required.
  • revised textA qualifying member unit whose gross monthly income exceeds 200% FPL is not categorically eligible and must meet the net income eligibility test and the asset test.

See PM 05-07-01 for categorically eligible units and PM 13-01-01 for income eligibility tests.