June 14, 2021 DDD Communication

Good Afternoon,

We've got a lot to review in here! Please read to the end. I hope everyone is enjoying the warmer weather and excited about Illinois reopening!


  • Per IDPH, the preliminary seven-day statewide positivity for cases as a percent of total test from June 3-9, 2021 is 1.0%. The preliminary seven-day statewide test positivity from June 3-9, 2021 is 1.3%.
  • Reminder, we have a number of DRAFT IBs for review. We've extended the review period to June 15, which is tomorrow!!
  • Save the date! We'll be hosting a joint CDS Guidance webex with IDPH on June 29 at 2pm to go over the current DRAFT guidance and answer provider questions.


We understand providers are anxiously awaiting news on rates and our waiver revision. At this time, the Illinois General Assembly (ILGA) has sent the FY 22 Budget bill to Governor Pritzker for his signature; the Budget Implementation (BIMP) bill is still waiting for the ILGA to send it to the Governor for his signature. Once signed, the Division will be able to communicate implementation updates on the following:

  • The ability to extend temporary COVID-19 increases into FY 22
  • The support we are able to provide to Children's Group Homes
  • An update for our respite grant funded providers
  • The timeline for our waiver revision that we hope will take effective 1/1/22, the dissemination of the proposed rates and service definitions for 30-day public comment and the waiver's submission to Federal CMS.

Thanks to all who attended and provided feedback during the Waiver Feedback Sessions. We really appreciate it. We also send a big thanks to our DD Advisory Committee that has pre-reviewed our potential waiver service definitions for feedback. We continue to work with HFS, Guidehouse and Federal CMS technical assistance to finalize our waiver revision.


The majority of individuals utilizing 37U should continue to work with their ISCs on one-off requests to remain in 37U. Again, we are aware that some individuals across an agency may need access to 37U due to the following reasons (not exhaustive):

  • Individual's CDS program has closed and/or does have the capacity for individuals to return
  • Individual's residential provider also operates their CDS program and it is not operating at full capacity for reasons such as safety, staffing levels or other identified reasons.

Providers supporting individuals in need of temporary blanket authorization for 37U should reach out directly to the Division, by email, including a CC to their ISC, to discuss options. These emails should be directed to Joy Decker.


Late last month, the Illinois Department of Human Services' Office of Contract Administration sent out a memo to provider organizations regarding Fiscal Year 2021 Year-End Financial Reporting Requirements. The memo provided information on what reporting requirements would need to be submitted to IDHS based on each agency's programs. In the coming days, IDHS' OCA will be sending updated information to provider agencies regarding FY21 Year End Financial Reporting which will include additional reporting requirements for provider organizations. Please review the information carefully and email the Division or OCA with any questions.


The Division has been seeing an increase in One Time Funding requests which only contain one bid. The Division posted an Information Bulletin Adaptive Equipment, Assistive Technology, Home and Vehicle Modification Request Process which outlines the process for submitting these type of requests. As a reminder:

  • A minimum of two (2) bids/estimates are requested and must be attached to the request.
  • Based on feedback received from individuals, families, and stakeholders about the difficulty in obtaining multiple bids, we announced that we would accept requests with 1 bid.
  • However, this still requires an individual, family, and/or provider to make multiple attempts to receive more than 1 bid.
  • Any service request submitted to DDD with only 1 bid/estimate must also have documentation showing all other attempts made to get additional bids/estimates.
    • An example of documentation could include providing a list of all the vendors, with contact information, who refused to provide a bid. These communication attempts should be documented with emails or phone calls made and notes from those calls.
    • It also would be sufficient to document that the vendor is the ONLY vendor that can provide the specific product if it is proprietary. Note however, that if an alternative vendor makes an appropriate alternative, but slightly different item, the expectation would be that a bid would be required.
  • As a reminder, a provider doesn't need to be enrolled with the Division and IMPACT when a bid/estimate is requested and submitted, however, before the provider can be paid, they must be an enrolled provider.
  • Submitting a request with a single bid/estimate and no documentation of other attempts made to get additional bids/estimates will result in an automatic denial of the request.


As I shared previously, the Ligas Compliance Tool Plans of Corrective Action (POCAs) have been reviewed by the Ligas Court Monitor and Program Analyst and those falling into the category 3, "returned for revision", have been sent to ISCs and providers for a response. DDD is hosting two calls with the Ligas Court Monitor and Program Analyst on Friday, June 18, one for ISCs and one for providers who received notices and have questions. You should have received an email from Meg Cooch about those calls, but if you would did not and would like to attend, please email Meg Cooch.

As a reminder for those POCAs in the "returned for revision" category, providers or ISCs will have 30 days from receipt of POCA to update and return the POCA to BQM and the Ligas Program Analyst.

RULE 119 & RULE 120

On May 12, 2021 we shared with you copies of draft Rules 119 and 120 in order to collect stakeholder feedback prior to starting the official procedures outlined in the Illinois Administrative Procedure Act (IAPA) for formal approval of rules. To date, we have received very little feedback. The documents are attached again for review. Please review the suggest proposed changes and forward your comments by close of business on June 30, 2021. Comments should be sent to:

Rule 119 to Brad Cowan

Rule 120 to Valerie Taylor

Thank you for all you do!


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  • Director, Division of Developmental Disabilities
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