ICRE-Roosevelt Advisory Council


Advisory councils to the Division of Rehabilitation Services residential Schools exist to offer recommendations and advice to the Schools and to express concerns relative to the educational services provided to children who are deaf, hard of hearing, blind, visually impaired, and/or physically disabled. The purpose of the Illinois Center for Rehabilitation-Roosevelt (ICRE-Roosevelt) Advisory Council is to advise and make recommendations to the school and to the Secretary of the Department of Human Services (DHS), through the Superintendent of the Illinois Center for Rehabilitation-Roosevelt, its services and resources, for the purpose of enabling student therein to attain a maximum level of independence in society. The Advisory Council will make recommendations to the Department of Human Services, ICRE-Roosevelt administration, and/or others concerning the education of students in the Illinois Center for Rehabilitation-Roosevelt and the school's facilities and services.

Advisory Council Requirements

Training Requirements

Please visit the link above to view the training requirements for this Board/Commission/Committee/Task Force.

Administrative Code

Administrative Code Section750.400-DHS DRS Residential Advisory Councils



There shall be at least nine, but no more than twenty-one members for the Council, not including ex-officio members. Consumers who are past, current, or potential recipients of the services offered by the facility; their parents, guardians, or other representative designated or selected by the consumer; members of the general public who have demonstrated their knowledge and abilities in any of the areas set forth in Article II.

Member Name Affiliation Term Expires
Christine Cole 9/2021
Mary McAloon Former CPS Principal 9/2021
Marcina Adams Parent Representative 9/2023
Darci Contri Title V Program Transition Specialist UIC-Division of Specialized Care for Children Ex-Officio
Therese Manderino Executive Director 9/2021
Peter Quinn 9/2021
Lou Hamer DRS Chief of Staff Ex-Officio
Kerrie Rawlings DRS Educational Liaison Ex-Officio
Letitia Doe ICRE-Roosevelt Superintendent Ex-Officio

IDHS Administrative Contact

ICREAC Administrative Contact: Wanda McNeal - Wanda.McNeal@Illinois.gov

Ethics Officer Contact Information: DHS.EthicsOfficer@Illinois.gov

Legislative Liaison Contact Information: Andre Jordan - Andre.Jordan@Illinois.gov