PM 05-01-01: Persons in Residential Treatment Facilities

WAG 05-01-01.

Persons living in residential drug or alcohol treatment facilities can qualify for SNAP benefits. For persons to qualify for SNAP benefits, the drug or alcohol treatment facility must be tax exempt and licensed by the Division of Alcohol and Substance Abuse (DASA).

The facilities licensed by DASA are listed on their website.  Facilities not listed on the website can also be certified by DASA. The Teen Challenge Program New text and Reformers Unanimous International are certified as drug and alcoholic treatment facilities by DASA for this purpose.

If staff learn of a facility not listed on the website that is requesting SNAP benefits for their residents, contact the Bureau of Policy Development. Do not deny them the right to apply for benefits.

Persons in residential treatment facilities must apply for their SNAP benefits through the facility's authorized representative. The authorized representative must be an employee of the facility.

A resident (and their children) of an approved treatment facility:

  • can qualify as a separate SNAP unit from other residents;
  • is exempt from work registration requirements; and
  • has the same rights to expedited service, notices of negative action, fair hearings, and repayment of underpayments as other SNAP units.