Family Engagement Working Group Section #2 Key Themes

IDHS Child Care Advisory Council

Family Engagement Working Group

Section #2, Key Themes

1-Collaboration between agencies and programs so that service access and services are seamless for families:

  • Use the federal funding on the state data systems and link all agency services through an electronic application system so families have a "one stop shop" to check eligibility for all services. In addition, allow programs access and include childcare so that it is a part of a parent's overall needs assessment, i.e. allowing a program to support them with filling out the childcare (universal state benefits) application for a parent who registers for English as a Second Language classes.
  • Build the infrastructure to connect the site administered sites to this electronic system.
  • Establish opportunities to collaborate with other agencies with existing services for people with disabilities. This includes providing training and technical assistance to build the capacity of other agencies to serve people with disabilities.
  • Make information truly accessible to all-the website should be clear and easy to use, with audio and translation available; applications and public information should be in Braille, and other formats to meet the needs of diverse visually and hearing-impaired parents.

2-The Consumer Education Website needs to be very detailed, user friendly and include a parent "How To" page:

  • to view providers license history;
  • to see how your provider is rated;
  • to access provider monitoring reports;
  • to show a provider's willingness to accept CCDF funds and the ages of children served.

3-Provide support to Providers:

  • Educating providers on how they can really support families;
  • Training on Effective Parent Engagement, Equity, Trauma Informed Practices, Supporting Parents with Disabilities, Identifying Developmentally Appropriate/Research-Based Curriculums);
  • Monitoring with a CQI focus;
  • Coaching available to all providers on an ongoing basis;
  • Increasing Provider Rates to Include Adding Fringe Benefits.

4-The complaint policies should apply to all providers, including license-exempt