PM 04-05-07: Ineligible SNAP Household Members

WAG 04-05-07

A person who must be included in the SNAP household, but is sanctioned or excluded from SNAP benefits for one of the following reasons is an ineligible SNAP household member. An ineligible SNAP household member's income and revised manual textresources are used when figuring the household's eligibility and benefit amount. Ineligible SNAP household members are:

  • Persons sanctioned for:
    • intentional program violation; or
    • failure to comply with work provisions (see PM 03-15-01).
  • Persons excluded because they:
    • do not meet Social Security Number policy (see PM 03-11-00); or
    • do not meet the work requirement; or
    • are ineligible noncitizens (see PM 03-01-03); or
    • have not had their citizen/INS status verified (see PM 03-01-05).
  • Persons who are ineligible because they: 
    • are fleeing to avoid prosecution or going to prison for committing a felony; or
    • are violating a condition of probation or parole (see PM 03-23-05).

See PM 05-03-00 for the use of income and revised manual textresources of ineligible SNAP unit members.