WAG 04-05-06: Non-SNAP Household Members

PM 04-05-06.

Examples of non-SNAP household member situations:

  • revised manual textExample 1: Mr. B and his wife live with Mr. and Mrs. C. They are not related and each couple buys and prepares their food separately. Each couple qualifies for separate SNAP household status.
  • revised manual textExample 2: Ms. Z is a foster parent for her 16-year old sister. Ms. Z is applying for SNAP and does not want benefits for her sister. Exclude Ms. Z's sister from her SNAP household, at Ms. Z's request. See PM 04-05-05.
  • revised manual textExample 3: Ms. J is receiving SNAP. She rents out two rooms in her home to other people for extra money. She does not provide meals. Mr. B and Mr. R are applying for SNAP as separate households. Mr. B and Mr. R are not related and do not buy and prepare food together. Both are renting their own separate rooms in Ms. J's home and pay $100 each per month. Ms. J, Mr. B and Mr. R, all qualify for separate household status. Mr. B and Mr. R are considered roomers in Ms. J's home. The $200 monthly rent Ms. J receives from the roomers is budgeted as self-employment earned income.
  • revised manual textExample 4: The K family is receiving SNAP benefits. One of the family members is a disabled child. Ms. A was recently hired by the family as a live in attendant to help care for the disabled child. The K family is requesting that Ms. A be added to their SNAP household. Because a live-in attendant cannot be included in the same SNAP household as the family it provides the service to, Ms. J cannot be included. But she can apply for her own SNAP benefits as a separate SNAP household.