May 17, 2021 DDD Communication

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Later this week the Division will be releasing an Information Bulletin notifying individuals and providers that effective July 1, 2021 providers will no longer be allowed to collect an individual's earned income, from work, to offset the cost of their care in CILAs. While we will still ask providers to report the income, the Division will not offset payment to the provider by this amount.

This may be my proudest moment as Division Director. Individuals with I/DD should be able to keep the money they earn and spend it how they would like. I felt that this was true during my time in the provider setting. Before joining the Division, I worked closely with the Employment/Training Subcommittee of the Ligas Rates Workgroup I chaired to include this as a policy recommendation. I am extraordinarily honored to have the opportunity to implement this important change.

Additionally, thank you to the stakeholders and legislators who have taken an interest in this issue. We appreciate everyone's work towards this very important goal and its implementation.


Over the past year the Division of DD, Division of Rehabilitation Services (DRS) and the Illinois Council on Developmental Disabilities (ICDD) have been working with the State Employment Leadership Network (SELN) to expand employment opportunities for individuals with I/DD. In addition, Director Patrick (DRS) and I have been meeting often to discuss shared goals. There will be significant positive changes as we move into the coming fiscal year. In particular, Director Patrick is hoping to release a number of policy changes to better serve individuals with I/DD in local offices and with Community Rehabilitation Providers. I am so proud to be working with Director Patrick and have appreciated her willingness to listen to feedback and commit to change. I'm so proud to call her my colleague!


The Division will be sending out, under separate cover, a copy of DRAFT Administrative Rule 119 and Rule 120, as well as a cover letter with changes, for stakeholder review and feedback. We are doing this to give stakeholders an opportunity to provide feedback prior to the official start of the Joint Committee for Administrative Rules (JCAR) process and posting for formal public comment. We are also developing a dedicated webpage and will notify stakeholders when it is up. Stay tuned!


This is looking to be a big week for the release of Information Bulletins (IB). We will be releasing FINAL IBs for Behavior Intervention, Treatment & Billing and Dietary Supports & Mealtime Practices. We appreciate the significant feedback we received on the former.

We will also be releasing DRAFT IBs on Earned Income, Individual Funds Management and HRST. Finally, due to the significant changes in guidance that have come out over the past week from the CDC and IDPH we hope to revise, and re-release, updated COVID guidance, including guidance for our ISCs.

Information Bulletins


The Division released a DRAFT Information Bulletin that included revised guidance for At-Home Day Program (37U). The updated guidance would revert At-Home Day Program (37U) back to a prior approval process effective July 1, 2021. We have received significant feedback from residential providers about this change, and the challenges with DSP recruitment for re-staffing day programs. We've received a number of requests to push back the effective date when 37U must receive prior approval. I will be meeting with some CDS only providers later this week to discuss the impact on their operations. If you are an individual, family member or provider, and want to provide additional feedback as we review the options, please reach out directly to me.

Thank you for all you do!


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