VTTC Food Assistance Eligibility for $95 Minimum Enhanced Emergency Allotment

Illinois Department of Human Services


Policy Memo


  • This policy memo provides new guidance for issuing Enhanced Emergency Allotments to Illinois cases for Victims of Trafficking Torture and Serious Crimes (VTTC).
  • This new guidance comes as VTTC households are now included to receive Enhanced Emergency Allotments.
  • This policy change is effective 04/01/2021 for VTTC cases.
  • VTTC cases are held and processed at Special Units Office 209.
  • Under this new policy, all VTTC cases receiving Emergency Allotments for State Funded Food Assistance must receive at least $95 in EA benefits, even when the maximum monthly allotment has been received. VTTC households receiving Food Assistance who did not qualify for EA payments because they were already receiving the maximum benefit amount and those whose EA payments were less than $95 per month will receive increased benefits. EA payments will not change for VTTC households who have been receiving EA benefits of $95 or more per month.

Active VTTC Households with Food Assistance

Active households with food assistance whose regular monthly benefit amount is less than the maximum monthly allotment will receive a supplemental emergency food assistance allotment to bring them to the full maximum monthly amount for the household size until further notice.

Under the new guidance effective 04/01/2021 the active VTTC households receiving food assistance will also receive an enhanced emergency allotments of at least $95.

$95 Enhanced Emergency Allotment Supplemental Issuance

All emergency supplemental allotments are being calculated and issued manually by Special Units Office 209 through EPU. Food assistance households will receive their maximum benefit amount including their $95 enhanced emergency allotments based on household circumstances and income.

FCRC Action

No action is required from the Family Community Resource Center (FCRC). All VTTC cases are held and processed at Special Units Office 209.

Client Notice

A client notice will not be mailed to the VTTC households informing them of their additional enhanced supplements.

[signed copy on file]

Grace B. Hou

Secretary, Illinois Department of Human Services

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