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Individual Providers (IP) working for Home Services Program (HSP) Customers are required to enter their Santrax ID to call-in and call-out of the EVV system when they begin and end each work shift.

  • The call-in and call-out results in a visit that is recorded as complete when there is no missing information for that visit.
  • A visit is marked Incomplete when information is missing.
  • Missing information might include a call-in or call-out time, wrong Santrax ID or not using a registered telephone line.

Currently, Customers and IPs must call the DHS local office to check the complete or incomplete status of an EVV visit.

Now, HSP is pleased to announce that starting May 17, 2021, Customers and IPs will have the option to have access to a new online EVV portal. The portal will allow Customers and IPs to view the status of the call-in and call-out visits that are recorded in the EVV system. If a Customer or IP sees an error for a visit in the portal, the Customer should ensure the correct time has been written on the timesheet. Submitting the corrected timesheet to the local office before the timesheet due date, will allow staff to fix the error and prevent delayed or incorrect payments. 

If you would like to receive read-only access to the portal, please watch the video training below. Training will include information on accessing and navigating the portal, as well as all features that will be available.

  • After watching the video, submit the EVV Portal Opt-In form to begin the process of creating your user account.
  • Once your user account is created, you will receive an email from Sandata with your login information.
  • Q & A sessions will be available to discuss the EVV Portal and address common questions.
  • The training video and Q&A sessions can be accessed via a cell phone or a computer and/or personal device connected to the internet.

Use of the portal is not required, but HSP suggests using this tool to ensure timely and accurate payment for services provided by IPs. IPs are still required to submit a timesheet to the local office for each pay period they work.

If you have any questions, please contact EVV Help Line at 1-888-713-5139 / 1-888-575-0531 (TTY) or contact your local DRS office.

To gain access to the portal:

  1. Customers:  Watch the EVV Edit Features Access Training Video
    Individual Providers:  Watch the EVV Read Only Access Training Video
  2. Complete submit the EVV Portal Opt-In Form
  3. After you submit the form your user account will be created in 7-10 business days and your log in credentials will be emailed to you.

Next Q & A Session:

  • Wednesday, October 27th, 2021: Registration will be emailed to newly enrolled users

EVV Portal Communication Letter (pdf)

Created: 5/1/2021