WAG 04-01-08-b: Case Opened Before Child's Return

PM 04-01-08-b

DCFS identifies families as Norman cases when planning to return children to the home. The following instructions apply to Norman cases when DCFS plans to return a child to the home.

  1. (DCFS) Contacts the Bureau of Local Office Transactions and Support Service (LOTS) up to 120 days before the return date. The return date is usually the scheduled court appearance where DCFS' decision to return the child will be affirmed or denied by the court. The date could also be a date set by DCFS following a fitness hearing.

    NOTE: DCFS and the Department jointly expedite the application and payment process. New textThere is no 30-day waiting period for Norman cases. Try to approve the case within 15 days after the application date. 

  2. (DCFS) Provides the Bureau of Local Office Transactions and Support Service (LOTS) with the parent or other relative's name and address and the name and birth date of each child to be returned. This verifies relationship.
  3. (LOTS) Contacts the correct local office to notify them of the Norman certification and set up an interview.
  4. (LO) If an active case does not exist, schedule an intake screening appointment for the parent or relative to apply. If the child(ren) is expected to return within 105 days,the appointment must be scheduled within 3 workdays.

    NOTE: If there is an active case, add the child (see WAG 18-03-06-c). 

  5. (LO) Reports the appointment date and time to LOTS who relays the information to the DCFS Norman liaison. DCFS notifies the parent and DCFS staff may accompany the parent to the interview.
  6. (Screener) At the screening interview, schedule an eligibility interview in the usual manner.
  7. (Screener) If a DCFS worker accompanies the client, give a copy of the Instructions to Client (Form 267) to the DCFS worker.
  8. (EW) Use the following procedures when processing through AIS:
    • Screen 2A - Include the child removed by DCFS as a requestor for cash, and SNAP.
    • Screen 28C - Enter the Norman indicator and the date the child is expected to return to the home.
    • An approval action can only be processed when the date of decision is within 90 days of the child's expected return date. 
  9. (EW) Try to make a decision within 15 days from the application date. If eligible, approve TANF cash benefits for the adult(s) and child(ren). Approve Mercury SNAP only for persons in the home. Include the absent children in the SNAP benefits for the first regular roll TANF month.

    All financial and nonfinancial eligibility criteria apply, except presence in the home. The adult is not eligible for medical backdate for months no eligible child was in the home. Coordinate the Responsibility and Services Plan with the activities required by DCFS. 

  10. (System) Generates Form 552 with the following Norman codes:
    Item 60 - Includes child's category 98 case number.
    Item 78 - Code D. (Stops medical for child on the TANF case.)
    Item 80 - Code 173 NORMN with a 4-digit date (MM/YY) that is the month after the month the child is expected to return.

Scheduled Hearing on Return of the Child(ren)

DCFS notifies LOTS, no later than 3 workdays after the expected date of the child's return, whether or not the child was returned. LOTS immediately notifies the local office.

If the child is returned,

  • Delete the category 98 case number from Item 60.
  • Change Item 78 code D to "-" (dash).
  • Delete Item 80 code 173 NORMN.

If the child did not return:

  • If there is another eligible child in the home, delete the absent child and remove Item 80 code 173 NORMN.
  • If there is no other eligible child, use TA 22/TAR 76 to cancel the case for the month entered in Item 80 code 173. 

If no FCRC action is taken on the case, it is centrally canceled for the month following the code 173 month.

NOTE: Take action to continue SNAP benefits if the case is locally or centrally canceled (see WAG 18-04-11-c).