PM 04-01-08-b: Case Opened Before Child's Return

WAG 04-01-08-b

When a child(ren) is in DCFS custody, the parent or other relative may receive TANF for themselves and the child(ren) for up to 90 days before the date that DCFS plans to return the child(ren) to the home. The adult is not eligible for medical backdate for months no eligible child was in the home.

new textFor a Norman case, the 30-day wait does not apply. The beginning date of cash eligibility is whichever is earlier:

  • the date of decision, or
  • the 30th day after the date of application.

When DCFS returns the child(ren) to the home, remove the special Norman coding.

If the absent child(ren) does not return within 90 days after case approval:

  • Delete the absent children and remove the Norman coding if other eligible children are in the home.
  • Cancel the TANF case if there are no other eligible children in the home. If the case has active SNAP benefits, the system centrally issues Transitional SNAP benefits (TFS).  Enter the new number of eligible people for TFS in Code 172 box on the additional entry screen when the case is being canceled.