April 12, 2021 DDD Communication

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  • The preliminary seven-day statewide positivity for COVID-19 cases as a percent of total test from April 5-11, 2021 is 4.4%. The preliminary seven-day statewide test positivity from April 5-11, 2021 is 4.9%.
  • Remember to register for the Dietary and Safe Dining Practices webinar on April 22nd at 1pm WebEx.


Last week the DDD sent notice of a proposed, revised rates implementation plan for FY 22. This change is subject to appropriation through the General Assembly and approval from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). The plan notes an increase to the DDD appropriation request by $45M based on anticipated enhanced FMAP. You can find the communication FY22 Rate Implementation Update.

The Division wants to be clear that the proposed shift to a January 1st effective date is a result of our inability to seek and receive approval from CMS for an earlier effective date. As our request falls under a substantive waiver amendment it cannot be retroactive, only prospective. We are estimating at least 6 months for approval.

We know that providers have many questions so I will be hosting a Q & A this Friday at 10am. I will start with a brief introduction and then will open it up to answering your questions. All questions must be sent in advance to MONICA.JIBBEN@illinois.gov. Use this link to register. Thank you!


I hope everyone was able to review the final Crisis and Waiver Service Transition Information Bulletin that includes information on how individuals in the Adults with DD waiver can transition from receiving one set of Waiver services and another set of Waiver services. For example, an individual receiving Adult HBS moving to CILA based on a change in their needs or preferences, or based on the outcomes laid out in their Personal Plan.


The Division has received an influx of duplicate CIRAS incident reports recently. This could be a technology issue or the result of user error. Just a friendly reminder, in order to avoid the submission of a duplicate incident reports, only do a single click on the submit button. If the user is unsure whether or not the incident was submitted, he/she should go back to the home screen to determine if the incident was submitted before trying to submit it again. Providers should assure that their designated agency reporters are aware of this issue.

Thank you for all you do.


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