WAG 04-01-03: Optional Persons

PM 04-01-03

Example: Ms. T has an RPY cash case for her 6-year-old granddaughter. Her 14- year-old nephew also lives with her but is not included because he has child support that meets his needs. If the support payments stop or the amount falls below his needs, she may sign Request for Assistance for Additional Family Member (Form 243) and add him to the case.

When the excluded spouse has only earned income, it may be financially beneficial for the client to request that their spouse be added to the TANF unit. This is because of the revised text3/4 earned income deduction which applies only to those individuals in the TANF case. In situations in which the spouse has unearned income, it may not be financially beneficial for the spouse to be included. Whenever the spouse has income, discuss with the client the option of including the spouse in the TANF unit.

Revised textExample: A mother receiving TANF in Cook County for herself and her child marries a man who is not the father of her child. He is employed earning $600 monthly. After deducting a "per person" share (see WAG 10-04-03), there is a remainder of $456. Since $456 is greater than the $318 payment level for the mother and child, the unit would no longer be eligible for cash if the spouse is excluded from the TANF unit.

Discuss with the client the benefits of including the spouse in the unit. If the spouse is included, the payment level will be $432. From that payment level only $150 will be deducted monthly because of the 3/4 earned income deduction ($600 divided by 4 = $150). The family would still be eligible for a TANF payment of $282.