WAG 04-01-02-a: Exceptions to the Filing Unit

PM 04-01-02-a

Following are examples of family situations that are exceptions to filing unit policy:

Example 1: A woman and her 3 children apply for TANF Cash. The woman is a noncitizen who does not meet citizen/INS requirements for TANF. All of the children were born in the U.S.

The 3 children are eligible for TANF Cash with their mother as RPY. The mother is excluded from the filing unit because she is an ineligible noncitizen. Her income is budgeted as an ineligible parent (see WAG 10-04-01).

Example 2: A 17 year old married mother and her child live alone. She is separated from her spouse. The 17 year old and her child move in with her mother and sister who are receiving TANF Cash.

The 17 year old and her child are not included in the mother's case with the sister because the 17 year old is married. They remain eligible in separate cases.

Example 3: The family contains mother, father, her child, his child, and their child. Mother's TANF counter is 60; father's counter is under 60. There is no exception to the time limit. Mother, her child, and their child are ineligible for TANF. Father and his child are eligible for TANF (see WAG 03-06-05).