March 19, 2021 DDD Communication

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The Division understands that some CDS programs are struggling to support their attendees with vaccination. This appears to be especially challenging for our stand-alone CDS programs. If you are running into challenges accessing vaccinations for attendees, or staff, please reach out to me directly at


Children's Support Waiver

The Division received Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) approval of our Children's Support Waiver amendment to include a provision to allow Personal Support Workers (PSWs) to provide support to an individual while in the hospital and be paid for that time. The approved language:

  • "Personal Support is being expanded to include supports provided to a participant while hospitalized to foster communication, provide intensive personal care, and/or promote behavioral stabilization for the purpose of smooth transitions or preserve functional abilities. These are services in the plan of care that cannot be provided by facility staff and are not a substitute for services the hospital is obligated to provide through its conditions of participation or under Federal or State law, or under another applicable requirement. Services in the plan of care that cannot be provided by facility staff will be provided by the Personal Support Worker or other residential staff."

An Information Bulletin is forthcoming with further guidance.

Adults with Developmental Disabilities Waiver

Unfortunately, we do not anticipate our Adults with Developmental Disabilities Waiver amendment to be approved by our initially proposed date of 4/1/21. The adult waiver revision includes:

  • Remote Supports as a service for individuals in CILA.
  • PSWs ability to be paid while providing support in a hospital setting.
  • Increase in the Adult Day Service rate.

We will notify stakeholders once we receive approval.

Thank you for all you do!


Allison V. Stark

Director, Division of Developmental Disabilities

Illinois Department of Human Services

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