7. Billing Instructions


  • The Grantee shall provide summary documentation by line item of actual expenditures incurred for the purchase of goods and services necessary for conducting program activities in alignment with the current approved budget.
  • The Grantee shall use generally accepted accounting practices to record expenditures and revenues as outlined in 89 Ill. Adm. Code 509, Fiscal Administrative Record keeping and Requirements.
  • Expenditures shall be recorded in the Grantee's records in such a manner as to establish an audit trail for future verification of appropriate use of Agreement funds.
  • In the event payments made by the Department to the provider exceed the total amount of grantee reported and Department authorized expenditures, the Grantee will be required to issue a repayment to the Department in the amount equal to the overpayment.


Providers must use the BMCH Expenditure Documentation Form to provide reporting of expenditures for each period as documented in Exhibit C of the contract. The provider shall allocate and report program expenditures by the categories in alignment with the approved budget linked to the contract.

1) Form Features

  • The EDF is a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet file that is provided by the Department at the beginning of the fiscal year.
  • There is a tab for each month of expenditures and a summary tab for each quarter.
  • Expenditure totals are calculated for each month and quarter.
  • Print Areas are pre-set - Please do not alter the print areas.
  • If you have any issues with the spreadsheet file, please contact DHS.BMCHEDF@illinois.gov.

2) Steps

  • Step 1 - Save the spreadsheet file to your computer
  • Step 2 - Complete the Information and Instructions Tab - All fields are Mandatory
    • Agency Name
    • Agency FEIN
    • BMCH Contract Number

Information entered on this tab will automatically populate to each of the monthly tabs.

  • Step 3 - Complete the applicable Month Expenses Tab
EDF Field Purpose of the Field
Date Submitted Submittal date of the EDF
Reporting Month Expenditures

BMCH program expenditures must be broken down by budget line item in alignment with the current approved budget in CSA.

If you do not have expenditures to report for a month, you must still submit a EDF with the Amount Claimed as $0.

Certification and Authorized Local Provider Approval A EDF is considered "Uncertified" unless it includes:
  • Typed or handwritten Name and Title of the Authorized Local Provider Official,
  • Date Authorized, and
  • Authorization Signature
Report Prepared by Enter the name, Email and phone number of the person preparing the EDF to contact in case revisions are required.
    • Step 4 - Print the completed monthly tab to Adobe PDF.
    • Step 5 - Submit your Expenditure Documentation Form to DHS.BMCHEDF@illinois.gov.

3) Billing Submittal Information:

The Provider shall submit expenditure documentation by e-mail by the 15th of each month following the month of service or the first business day following the 15th when the 15th is on a weekend or holiday to: DHS.BMCHEDF@illinois.gov.