Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) Program - FY22

  1. General Information
  2. Funding Process and Requirements
  3. Continuum of Care (COC) & Service Coordination Requirements
  4. Service Delivery Requirements
  5. Eligible Activities
  6. Eligible Participants & Recordkeeping (24 CFR 576.500)
  7. Program Requirements for RR/HP (Rapid Rehousing/Homelessness Prevention)
  8. Grant Administration & Other Requirements

Note: The FY22 Manual as presented on the IDHS website is the same as the FY21 Manual. At this time, ESG Staff are in the process of making updates that will be reflected in this Manual at a later date.

If you have specific program questions, please first send an email to DHS.ESG@illinois.gov and someone will return your email as soon as possible.

When there are changes to the policies and procedures manual, or if an answer to a question is needed by all providers, DHS ESG staff shall issue an email to all CoC Representative(s) who will, in turn, notify their respective subrecipients.

If you need to follow-up on existing questions, contact the ESG Staff at (217) 725-5975.