WAG 03-08-02: Reviewing a CAU Finding

PM 03-08-02.

Complete a medical review of disability through CAU when:

  • Code X Reexamination Due appears on the PAL.

    NOTE: Code X appears one month before the review date entered in Item 80 code 156 DRD. See WAG 19-06-01-l for how to respond to code X. 

  • The client's condition appears to have changed.

To process the CAU review, see WAG 03-08-01. Indicate on Form 183F that it is a review of disability. Send current medical reports and the medical information that was submitted for all previous CAU determinations.

Respond to the CAU decision as follows:

  • If CAU approves disability and calls for another review at a later date, enter the new date in code 156.
  • If CAU approves disability and no review is needed, delete code 156.
  • If CAU finds the client is not disabled, cancel the case.

Cancel the case if a current medical exam is needed and the client fails or refuses to submit to a reexam.