WAG 03-06-05-h: 3-Month Extension

PM 03-06-05-h.

The system automatically provides the 3-month extension of TANF benefits, beginning with the effective month the FCRC removes the exception code.

  1. (System) Creates Item 80 code 687 EXTND, which contains the person's RIN, the 4-digit effective month the exception was removed under PERSONS, and the deleted exception code under SUP. BY.
  2. (System) Sends Form 157C and stops TANF benefits due to the time limit for the 3rd month after the code 687 date.

    Example: A client with exception code E completes their training program in 12/02. An Exception Review is completed, and the Exception Committee decides the client no longer qualifies for an exception. BPD faxes cover memo and Form 4692 to FCRC. FCRC sends client Form 4699 and removes code E and code 683 effective 01/03.

    The system enters Item 80 code 687 with the RIN, 01/03 under AMOUNT, and E under SUP. BY. At schedule cut-off for effective month 04/03, the system sends Form 157C and takes action to end TANF benefits based on the time limit. The FCRC must take appropriate follow-up action.