WAG 03-06-05-b: Notifying the Client of Exception Policy

PM 03-06-05-b.

Active TANF clients are informed of exception policy when their counter reaches 57. Time Limit Exceptions (Form 4690C) is centrally mailed at the close of schedule cut-off for the client's 57th countable month of TANF.

Form 4690C notifies the client of the month they will reach the time limit if their clock doesn't stop, what stops the clock, what the exception reasons are, and how to request an exception. Request for Exception (Form 4691C) is printed on the back of Form 4690C.

When a TANF applicant has a counter of 57 or above, explain exception policy to them. If the counter is 57, 58, or 59, give or send the applicant the manual version of Time Limit Exceptions (Form 4690) which has the manual version of the Request for Exception (Form 4691) printed on the back.

Form 4691 is also printed by itself, with English on one side and Spanish on the other. If the applicant's counter is 60 or above and they want to request an exception to the time limit, give the applicant Form 4691. The English Form 4691 may be printed in AIS.