WAG 03-06-04-b: Not Parent of Any Child in Case

PM 03-06-04-b.

The following procedures apply to an active case when the adult with 60+ months is not the legal parent of any child in the case.

  1. (System) Centrally deletes the adult(s) with 60+ months using TA 36/TAR 60 and adds the deleted person(s) either as payee with no benefits or, if the case receives FS, as FS only person(s). If no adult is left in the case, the system inserts RPY after the payee name in Item 8 and code 1 in Item 28 (child-only due to the time limit).
  2. (System) Issues Form 157C with the message:

    (Name) is ineligible for TANF Cash due to the 60-month lifetime limit. PM 03-06 

  3. (FCRC) Set up a 94 case for the deleted person(s) effective the month of deletion. Copy items from the TANF case record needed for the new case.
  4. (FCRC) If the family receives FS, review the FS case and make appropriate changes.