WAG 03-06-02: Months Counted in Other States

PM 03-06-02.

Contact the other state's TANF agency by telephone or in writing to determine the number of TANF months they counted for the client since 07/97. Request them to mail or fax written confirmation of this number, including the period(s) during which the assistance was received and the name and address of the issuing agency. Do not count any out-of-state months of TANF that are not verified.

All states began TANF between 10/96 and 07/97. Months prior to 07/97 do not count since they were before Illinois began TANF. Months that the other state did not count also do not count. If the other state's count includes any months of Illinois TANF, be sure not to count those months twice.

new textTo contact an out of state agency to learn the number of months used in that state, see TANF State Contacts under Caseworker Assistance; Favorite Links. Send requested changes to the contact list to dhs.policydevelopment@illinois.gov.  

Complete YOUR TANF TIME LIMIT (Form 4335) and send to the client upon case approval if the counter is under 60.