PM 03-06-02: Months Counted in Other States

WAG 03-06-02.

Count months of TANF received in another state from 07/97 on the same way the other state counted them. When a client who previously lived in another state applies for assistance and reports receipt of assistance in the other state on or after 07/97, contact the other state to verify how many months of TANF were counted by the other state against the 60-month limit. Subtract any months the state counted prior to 07/97. Add the remaining months to any previous months of TANF counted in Illinois to determine the total lifetime benefits received.

Be sure not to double count any Illinois months which are included in the other state's total TANF month counter or months in other states that have already been added to the Illinois TANF counter. It is essential to write in the case record exactly what months you used and how you decided the correct value of the counter.