WAG 03-06-01-h: Family Violence Exclusion

PM 03-06-01-h

revised textA month does not count against the 60-month limit for a person approved for a Family Violence Exclusion (see PM 21-01-05-d) if their counter is under 61.

revised textEnter Item 73 code N, Family Violence Exclusion, for the person when the Family Violence Exclusion is approved. The presence of code N stops the TANF counter for that person if the counter is under 61.

Reduce the TANF counter for any month(s) counted during the approval process if the process started before the end of month 60. Start with the month in which the person reported the barrier to the Family Community Resource Center and go through the month before code N is effective. Do not reduce the counter for months prior to 07/02. Complete and send YOUR TANF TIME LIMIT (Form 4335) to the client if you reduce their counter.

revised textWhen the Family Violence Exclusion ends, remove letter N from Item 73 of Form 552 for the next month that can be affected. Do not adjust the person's TANF 60-month counter if removal of letter N in Item 73 does not coincide with the exclusion period.

For example, Ms. V was approved for a revised textFamily Violence Exclusion for the months of August and September. In September an MDS is held and it is decided that the person is no longer eligible for the exclusion. The caseworker removes letter N for the payment month of November because it's too late to make the change for October. Do not adjust the TANF 60-month counter because the change cannot be made for October.