WAG 03-06-01-e: Medically Fragile Technologically Dependent (MFTD) Waiver

PM 03-06-01-e

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  1. CO 238 takes the following actions when a child is approved for the MFTD waiver:
    • Enters Item 80 code 331 HCBC to identify a TANF case that contains an adult caring for a waiver child. The code contains the month and year the waiver was approved.  The code stops the counter for every adult on the case whose counter is under 61. When a person's counter is 61 or more, the counter advances but the person qualifies for an exception to the time limit.
    • Adjusts the counter if months of TANF have been counted since the month of waiver approval. Does not subtract months that were not counted for another reason or if the waiver began after the 60-month limit was reached.
    • Completes and sends YOUR TANF TIME LIMIT (Form 4335).
    • Notifies the FCRC administrator of actions taken by email. 
  2. CO 238 takes the following actions when the child is no longer waiver eligible: 
    • Deletes Item 80 code 331. 
    • Completes and send YOUR TANF TIME LIMIT (Form 4335) to the client.
    • Notifies the FCRC administrator by email. 

FCRC: If a terminated MFTD waiver was the basis for an exception to the time limit, initiate a review of the exception. See PM 03-06-05-g.

For CO 238 contact information, see WAG 25-05-03 .

revised textSee PM 21-01-04-b for TANF activity and RSP instructions.  

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