PM 03-06-01-b: Definition of Work

WAG 03-06-01-b

Types of work that stop the TANF counter include employment, self-employment, college work-study, AmeriCorps VISTA, and Job Corps. To be used to stop the counter, the work must have an amount greater than zero. Self-employment earnings must be greater than zero after self-employment expenses are deducted.

The following types of work do not stop the TANF counter: self-employment with no profit, unpaid volunteer work, Deleted manual reference Work Experience, and other work activities for which the client receives no payment (other than TANF).

Employment may be through a subsidized program for which the employer receives a subsidy from TANF or other public funds to offset some or all of the wages and costs of employing a recipient. It differs from work experience in that the participant is paid wages and receives the same benefits as a non-subsidized employee who performs similar work. Income and hours of employment through a subsidized program are counted the same as for non-subsidized employment.