PM 03-06-00: TANF 60-Month Limit

WAG 03-06-00.

An adult age 18 and over can receive TANF benefits for no more than 60 months during their lifetime, unless they qualify for an exception after they reach the limit. The 60-month limit includes TANF benefits received as an adult in Illinois and in other states beginning 07/97. A child living with a parent who is ineligible due to the time limit is ineligible for TANF as a child.

The 60-month limit does not apply to child-only cases. This includes cases where the caretaker is not a parent or where the children qualify for TANF and the parent is ineligible for a reason other than the 60-month limit, such as receipt of SSI or noncitizen status.

The 60-month limit does not apply to medical assistance or to SNAP benefits.

Tell the client how many months of TANF have been counted at application, at REDE, when they ask about their time limit, and when you correct the counter for any reason. Explain the criteria for not counting a month and whether or not the client currently meets any of the criteria. Also provide this information in writing. A central notice is sent at 48, 54, and 57 months telling the client how many countable months they have received and what stops the counter. The 57 month notice also includes the exception reasons and an exception request form.