WAG 03-05-05: Absence of Child

PM 03-05-05

If a child is temporarily absent from the home, get the following information:

  • the reason for the absence,
  • where the child is living during the absence, and
  • the expected date of return.

When the child's absence does not meet the requirements of temporary absence and it is not a Norman case, delete the child from the case. If the child is the only child in the case, cancel the case. Refer any adult in the case for Transitional Assistance. The client must file a new application.

text revisedWhen a child who is receiving TANF Cash or All Kids Assist is placed in foster care by DCFS, the Family Community Resource Center is notified via Notice of Foster Care Placement (CFS 1868). Upon receipt of CFS 1868, delete the child or cancel the case, as appropriate, unless the CFS 1868 shows it is a Norman case. The absent child remains eligible for up to 180 days in a Norman case (see WAG 04-01-08). Return the CFS 1868 to the DCFS TANF Medical Determination Unit within 10 workdays of receipt of the form.