Developmental Disabilities Grant Information - FY 2022

The table below includes links to the Notices of Funding Opportunities (NOFOs), if applicable, Question & Answer (QA) information (if applicable), Grant Application (GA), and the Programmatic Risk Assessment (PRA).

For detailed information about the application requirements, please see Grant Application Information and Instructions.

CSFA Number  Grant Title NOFO Q&A GA PRA 
444-24-0829 Dental Program (SD00-400-0000) GA-FY22 PRA-0829
444-24-0830 Epilepsy Program (SD00-250-0000) GA-FY22 PRA-0830
444-24-0836 Best Buddies Illinois (BBIL) (SD00-450-0003) GA-FY22 PRA-0836
444-24-1505 Autism Awareness Program (SD00-450-0012) GA-FY22 PRA-1505
444-24-1506 Family Advocate (SD00-450-0014) GA-FY22 PRA-1506
444-24-1508 Latino Outreach (SD00-450-0013) GA-FY22 PRA-1508
444-24-1569 Special Olympics and Special Children's Charities (SD00-450-0021) GA-FY22 PRA-1569
444-24-1570 Special Olympics (SD00-450-0004) GA-FY22 PRA-1570
444-24-1600 Lifespan Special Project (SD00-450-0002) GA-FY22 PRA-1600
444-24-1651 Independent Monitoring of Division of Developmental Transitions (SD00-450-0018) GA-FY22 PRA-1651
444-24-1712 Access for Illinois Children with Autism (SD00-450-0027) GA-FY22 PRA-1712
444-24-1731 Independent Service Coordination (SD00-600-000) GA-FY22 PRA-1731
444-24-2728 Illinois Respite Coalition Lifespan Respite Care (SD00-450-0031) GA-2728 PRA-2728
444-80-2691 United Cerebral Palsy Seguin of Greater Chicago Legislative Add-On GA-FY22-Add On PRA-2691
444-80-2695 Leyden Family Services Legislative Add-On GA-FY22-Add On PRA-2695
444-80-2696 Maryville Center for Children Legislative Add-on GA-FY22-Add On PRA-2696
444-80-2697 Oak Leyden Developmental Services Legislative Add-On GA-FY22-Add On PRA-2697
444-80-2698 Park Lawn Center Legislative Add-On GA-FY22-Add On PRA-2698
444-80-2699 Trinity Services Legislative Add-On GA-FY22-Add On PRA-2699
444-80-2700 SSM St. Mary's Hospital Legislative Add-On GA-FY22-Add On PRA-2700
444-80-2769 Special Olympics Chicago and Special Children's Charities Legislative Add-On  GA-FY22-Add On PRA-2769
444-80-2770 Special Olympics Illinois Legislative Add-On GA-FY22-Add On PRA-2770
444-88-2811 Competitive Integrated Employment Capacity 22-444-88-2811-01 Q & A 2811 GA PRA-2811
444-99-2694 Cornerstone Services of Will County Legislative Add-On GA-FY22-Add On PRA-2694