WAG 03-04-03: Students of Higher Education (SNAP)

PM 03-04-03

For a Category 90, 94, or 96 case with SNAP, enter one of the following codes in the first position of Item 64 to identify a student of higher education who is eligible for medical assistance, but who does not qualify for SNAP:

  • 06 - Ineligible student born in the U.S.
  • 56 - Ineligible student born outside the U.S.

Do not include the ineligible student in the number of people in Item 23 of Form 552 who are eligible for SNAP.

Do not include the ineligible student in the Ineligible - IPV field on the ACM Additional Entry Screen.

NOTE: When the ineligible student is a member of category 08 SNAP unit or a component SNAP unit member of a cash or medical assistance case, do not list the person in Item 60.