WAG 03-04-00: Age and Student Status

PM 03-04-00

When needed, use the following sources to verify age:


Birth Certificate

Baptismal Certificate

Adoption Record

Voter Registration Card

Employer's Records

Certificate of Citizenship

Naturalization Certificate

Medical Records

Court Records

Social Security Records

Veteran's Administration Records

U.S. Military Discharge papers

Marriage License

Hospital Birth Record

Family Bible

Insurance Policies

School Records

Alien Registration Record


Census Records

Insurance Records or Policies

Interviews and Affidavits from Relatives, Ministers, Physicians, Attorneys, etc.


  • Life Insurance Review (Form 922)
  • Verification of Birth, Marriage, Divorce or Death (Form 97)
  • Arrival-Departure Record (INS I-94)
  • Alien Registration Receipt Card (INS AR-3A, I-151, I-551)
  • U.S. Citizen Identity Card (INS I-179)
  • U.S. Citizen Resident's Card (INS I-197)
  • SSA 30
  • SSA 491TC TPQY Input

NOTE: Birth certificates issued in the City of Chicago for 1950 or later must have a file number starting with 6 or 7. Birth certificates issued in downstate counties or Cook County outside of Chicago for 1950 or later must have a file number starting with 0 or 1.

new manual text Accepting Verifications via the Customer's Cell Phone

Documentary evidence is used as the primary source of verification when possible. Documentary evidence is the actual item itself, such as a driver's license or paystubs. When a customer is claiming not to have the actual item, the Family Community Resource Center (FCRC) may accept verification from the customer's cell phone.

When the customer's only source of proof is on their cell phone, it should be emailed to the FCRC's General mailbox where it can be uploaded to the Electronic Case Record (ECR). The Human Service Caseworker (HSC) should not request that the customer email any documents to their own individual email address.

new manual text Case Comment

The HSC must document in Case Comments if verifications are used via cell phones. Case Comments must be documented with information to support eligibility, ineligibility, and benefit level determinations. Documentation should be sufficient in detail to permit a reviewer to determine the reasonableness and accuracy of the determination.