WAG 03-03-01: SSI and TANF

PM 03-03-01

  1. (SSA) When a client applies for SSI, an SSA employee may contact the Family Community Resource Center by phone or in writing to verify:
    • The monthly TANF benefit.
    • The monthly TANF benefit had the SSI claimant not been included in the unit.
    • The amount of cash benefits paid to meet the needs of the SSI claimant. To determine this amount, subtract item 1b. from item 1a.
    • The date the SSI claimant will be removed from the case.
  2. (FCRC) Provide SSA with the requested information.
  3. (FCRC) Delete the SSI client from the TANF case.

    NOTE: When a person is deleted due to receipt of SSI (TA 34/ TAR 03), a batch exception message is sent to the Family Community Resource Center. The message alerts the Family Community Resource Center to determine Medical eligibility for the deleted person.

  4. (FCRC) Determine Medical eligibility effective for the same month as the TANF deletion action.
  5. (FCRC) Open a case and assign an AABD Medical or All Kids case number (91, 92, 93, 94, or 96) for the deleted person.

    If income and/or assets exceed the correct standard, enroll the case in spenddown. 

  6. (FCRC) Open a new case record, or file the case record material for the new case in the current TANF case record if:
    • the payee for the current TANF and the new Medical case is the same, and
    • the name on both cases is identical, and
    • everyone in the cases lives in the same dwelling, and
    • everyone in the cases is related by blood or marriage.

To set up a Medical case see WAG 02-05-02 and WAG 17-02-04.