PM 03-03-01: SSI and TANF

WAG 03-03-01.

Adults who qualify for both TANF and SSI must accept the SSI. A person cannot receive TANF and SSI at the same time. But a person can receive SSI and medical assistance under Family Health at the same time.

When the only child in a TANF case qualifies for SSI the caretaker relative can choose to receive either TANF or SSI for the child. If they choose SSI for the child, open a TANF adult-only case for the caretaker relative. The SSI child's income and assets have no effect on the adult's eligibility.

When a TANF client begins receiving SSI, remove them from the TANF case. To meet the client's medical needs, open a medical case effective for the same month as the TANF deletion. Do not make the client file an application or reapply through intake.

When a TANF client applies for SSI, Social Security may contact the Family Community Resource Center to verify the client's share of the TANF benefit. The client's share of the grant is subtracted from the SSI check until the client is removed from the TANF case. If SSA contacts the Family Community Resource Center, give them the needed information and ask for the expected date of SSI approval. Delete the client from the TANF case for the effective month of the SSI approval.

A person whose SSI benefits are stopped for any reason is not considered an SSI client. When a client's SSI benefits stop and the person is part of the TANF filing unit, add the person and their income to the TANF case (see PM 04-01-02).