WAG 03-01-03: Meeting Citizen/INS Status (FS)

PM 03-01-03.

Before approving Food Stamps, determine the INS status of noncitizen unit members who are applying for benefits for themselves and are willing to provide INS status information.

NOTE: For a noncitizen unit member who is unwilling or unable to provide INS status information, do not ask about the member's status. The person is an ineligible unit member whose INS status does not have to be verified. The rest of the unit can qualify without that member.

INS documents are the primary source of verification. But a noncitizen who does not have proper INS documents, can explain why, and provide other INS documents or statements verifying their INS status.

A noncitizen whose status is questionable is ineligible, unless the unit is entitled to expedited service. Determine eligibility for the rest of the unit.

When proof of INS status is provided, verify the status through the Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements (SAVE), except for a trafficking victim (see WAG 03-01-05).