OIB 0189 Questions & Answers

OIB 0189 Questions & Answers

1. What is the definition of a subcontracted individual?

Subcontracted means a non-federal entity that receives a State or federal subaward from a pass-through entity to carry out part of a federal program. "Subrecipient" does not include an individual that is a beneficiary of such program. A subrecipient" may also be a recipient of another State of federal awarding agency.

2. Is $150,000 the maximum of one award? Yes

3.  On page 12 of the NOFO Under Criteria, then under Quality number 6 it states to identify performance measures and deliverables as identified in this NOFO. The problem is that there are no deliverables listed anywhere in the NOFO. Where are the deliverables?

The deliverables are referred to as Performance measures.

4. What happens if COVID or something similar comes around again, will grantees be penalized with regards to numbers? No

5. For Budget Costs and Justification Summary, is it new, will it be accessible?

The Uniform Grant Budget process remains unchanged from the current fiscal year. Housed in the CSA, the Uniform Grant Budget meets the State's accessibility requirements

6. What is the timeline for decisions? April 23, 2021

7. Does the UGA need to be done in CSA?

Yes, each applicant must submit their budget through the CSA tracking system. The budget and narrative should express and support the submitted program narrative.

8. Does the PRA and ICQ need to be completed before or after awards are determined?

Yes, both the ICQ and the programmatic risk assessment must be accepted by the state and approved before a grant award can be executed

9.  Under Capacity on the NOFO it is listed that the organizational chart must be included but in the past and also on the current NOFO, it was requested under mandatory forms. Does it have to be added under both sections?

The organizational chart of the applicant's organization showing staff and placement would include subcontractors as appropriate. Given it is also listed at the end under mandatory forms, applicants can add an amendment under this section stating that it has been added at the end under mandatory forms.

10. The NOFO (Section D1) states that applicants must "Submit the completed application materials as a single WORD document." It then goes on to list the order of the submission items: My question is, if we are submitting this as one complete Word document, how are we to include the Uniform State Grant Application which is a PDF?

The UGA will have to be submitted as a PDF. This information will be relayed to the reviewers.

11. Is there a map that divides the 12 grants for the State, do we write grant for the counties as outlined in the older NOFO to cover the Southeastern 31 counties, or is it divided differently this time?

Consistent with the Review and Selection Process, the Department reserves the right to negotiate with successful applicant to cover unserved areas that may result from this process to modify the overall budget request to meet the funding availability

12. Also on page 4 there is a duplicate number - measure 1.6. If you look under measure 1.8 the number is measure 1.6 again. I believe this should be measure 1.9?

It was a typo. The NOFO has been corrected.

13. On page 9 of the NOFO under 2. Content and Form of Application Submission it states Attachments are A - E. On page 16 of the NOFO Mandatory Forms it states attachments are A - F . It states F is a request for our indirect cost rate agreement? Also attachment D & E are flip flopped on page 16. It does not match page 9. So the question is which attachment order do we follow page 9 or page 16 and do we add F (the indirect cost rate)?

It was a typo. The NOFO has been corrected  

14. When listing the performance standards (outcomes) for the proposal, are we to list these for the full period of the proposal or break these down by quarterly reporting period?

All measures will be determined on quarterly numbers.

15. The NOFO states Measure 1 as "# and % of individuals served in the quarterly reporting period."

All measures will be reported on a quarterly basis.

16.  The Program Narrative must include headers consistent with the criteria listed in Section E (Program Design and Implementation, Agency Qualification and Organizational Capacity, Budget Costs and Justification, Community Identification and Customer Projection) and be sequentially page numbered. I am asking for clarification/confirmation that we need to do both a budget with justifications as part of the narrative submission in addition to having the budget entered into the CSA GATA budget section? I ask this question due to the way the instructions read. They are listed as separate items/directives so I want to be sure I am understanding correctly that both items are needed, one in narrative submission and one in CSA GATA budget system.

The budget justification is required as part of the narrative. The budget in CSA is required to be completed also.

17. The NOFO says that a summary data sheet must be submitted, there is nothing on the website easily found that describes what this is. Where exactly can we find this?

The data summary sheet is the table of contents

18. In the NOFO it is said that "Applications for renewal […] are eligible to compete for new awards." Does this mean that grantees with an existing OIB grant reward can renew their contract? Or do we have to complete a whole new application package?

An entire NOFO application package must be completed by every agency applying for the FY22 Grant funds.

Technical Assistance Meeting for NOFO # 22-444-30-0189-02 5-27-21

Attendees: Peggy Davidsmeyer, Brooklyn Knapp, Maureen Mall, Kristen Bethke, Ingrid Halvorsen

Question: Does the agency complete the "blank line" for the performance measures and standards or does the provider do this?

Answer: The provider will complete the measure or standard as appropriate to the statement and considered a realistic number for the provider.

Question: The format of the document is very specific regarding the order of things, does the exact format as listed in the NOFO need to be followed?

Answer: Yes, the provider needs to follow the format as listed in the NOFO.

Question: Can the Uniform Grant Agreement be sent in a pdf format?

Answer:  Yes it can

Question:   The indirect cost letter from the federal government comes in a pdf format. Can it be submitted in the application as a pdf since the NOFO states word format.

Answer: Please write on a word document that the Indirect Cost letter comes to the provider in pdf format and submit that word document along with a copy of the Indirect cost letter.